The Palmer Arts Council

Facilitators of Art in the Palmer Community

What is the Palmer Arts Council?

The Palmer Arts Council is a membership based organization dedicated to the facilitating of artistic endeavors in its community.  The Arts Council is highly committed to artists, musicians, actors, and writers from Palmer and the surrounding areas.  PAC takes special interest in children and youth, offering education, training, and performance opportunities to local young people.  The Arts Council is operated by a nine-person Board of Directors that is elected by the membership.

The Mission of The Palmer Arts Council
The Palmer Arts Council mission is to nurture, encourage, sponsor, and support the free expression of ideas in our community through the arts.  PAC believes a healthy community is one in which artistic activities are valued and offered in abundance.  The Arts Council believes artistic endeavors are the key to making Palmer, Alaska, a unique destination city.  

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Matt The Electrician 

at Vagabond Blues

Parlor in the Round 

The Palmer Arts Council's "Inside-Out" music series-One national touring artist from "Outside" Joined by one or more local Valley Artists from "Inside"! Each show in the series will showcase a different genre of music, bringing diverse, fresh and exciting talent to Palmer!


Paul Morley, President

  Paul Morley is the President of the Palmer Arts Council. Paul says, "I'm honored to contribute to the PAC because it nurtures appreciation, inner growth, and pride in our community." 
Paul loves Palmer Alaska, without a doubt. But he also loves the wild places on our planet. Arctic Alaska and Canada fascinate him. 
Paul appreciates creative collaboration. He especially loves finding how harmonies and disharmonies weave together.
Paul wants to see Arts--of all kinds-- presented, taught and supported broadly. Paul is a well-loved teacher and musician with the popular Braided River Band.

Howard Bess, Secretary

Howard Bess is a retired American Baptist minister, who has lived in the Palmer area for over 30 years.  He is a newspaper columnist with national exposure.  He is a founding member of the Palmer Arts Council.  Howard has a special interest in increasing art opportunities for children and youth.  Joyfully married, he is a father, grandfather and great grandfather.  The whole family tree is full of the arts. Darlene and I moved to the Palmer area thirty years ago.  We purchased a home at 1505 Golden Hills Drive and still have the same address.

I am a founding member of the Palmer Arts Council.  I believe the arts are the soul of a community.  The vision for the Arts Council is to be 

a facilitator of the arts.  All three of my children are highly successful arts professionals.  I want Palmer to have an abundance of singing,

dancing, acting, painting, and playing of instruments.  I want the Palmer Arts Council to be a part of that scene.

Barbara Hunt, Member

Barbara Hunt can not cook or sew but she can definitely write and paint.  She has been revving up the Palmer Arts world for several years by making public and private opportunities for community art and projects.  Barbara runs the robust Palmer Alaska Buzz which is the social media apex for the Palmer area.  Barbara writes for the paper and authored, “Alaska’s Heavy Light.”  She runs the “Palmer Sketchcrawl,” and sells her “Palmer Art and Soul” series.  For years she has taught writer workshops, art illustrated journaling and painting classes.  She is also a content creator for a number of organizations and companies.  She runs year round community art shows in Palmer.  She received the “Key to the City” last year because of her efforts.

Mike Campfield, Vice President

Mike Campfield has lived in the Palmer area since 2002 and works as an engineer downtown. He joined the PAC board in 2017 to support local arts and artists. Mike is passionate about art for its ability to convey ideas and emotions in powerful and inspiring ways. He leads most efforts to organize music events for the PAC, enjoys listening to music of all kinds, and plays a little too. When he’s not being artistic, Mike enjoys skiing, snowboarding, coaching and playing soccer, fishing, hunting—- and all that other great Alaskan stuff.

Todd Whitehurst, Member

Todd Whitehurst was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. He grew up on the football field and in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, his father, a teacher and football coach, and his mother, a theater major at UAA. Todd was exposed to the arts at a very young age and started performing at the age of 8. Todd attended Southern Oregon University and is a classically trained voice major. He is a tenor who loves singing all types of music. You may catch him doing cameos around town with different bands or singing in various churches. In 2012, he and his wife, Theresa, moved to the valley and fell in love with the small town vibrancy of Palmer and were excited to become active in the community. This is why Todd decided to join the PAC. He wants to help keep the arts flourishing in Palmer, especially for our youth, who are so “plugged in.” He feels arts events help to “unplug” people. “The arts brings community together to share each other’s talents, to engage in human interaction, and enjoy each other’s energy.”

Louisa Branchflower, Member

     Louisa has been in Alaska for the last ten years now, making her home in Palmer.  Growing up in Washington State, she fostered a love for the outdoors at an early age skiing/snowboarding in the Cascades.  Once she was out on her own, she bee-lined it for a job in the ski industry, working for Steven's Pass and then down to Mammoth Mountain, CA.  During her five years at Mammoth she worked many jobs including waiting tables, ticket sales, retail, ski-patrolling and volunteering with the disabled sports program.   She came to Alaska to finish her degree at APU in earth science, moved up to the Valley for her interest in farming, and have stayed here because of the excellent community and amazing recreation opportunities. She is also an artist, creator of apparel, and a graphic designer.  She has two young children that she looks forward to teaching how to ski at Hatcher Pass.  She is excited to be a part of the Palmer Arts Council and looks forward to helping facilitate the arts in her community.  

Membership & Donations

It is our firm conviction that the richest quality of life is when a community has an abundance of artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, and dancers. The Palmer Arts Council is committed to facilitating the events, the displays, the performance opportunities, the classes, and the training that can make Palmer the best place for creative people to live, grow, perform, and thrive. 

To achieve our vision, The Palmer Arts Council needs a large base of support in the community. Our base is our membership, and we need YOU to be a part of that support base. 

The $25 individual fee is modest, but when memberships reach into the hundreds, collectively the membership fees become a significant source of operating funds for the council. History has also shown us that when members sign on, about half add an additional gift of $25, $50, $100, or at times even more. YOU are our true community base. 

Please click the button below to become a member or donate to the Palmer Arts Council. You will be directed to PayPal where you can donate with a PayPal account or by Credit Card. You will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and select form of payment.  If you would like to become a member or make a donation by check or cash, please contact us at connect@thepalmerartscouncil.org. You can also mail a check to PO Box 4286, Palmer, AK 99645.  Thank you for supporting the Palmer Arts Council and the facilitation of arts in our community.


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